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Using the Profile Manager and related elements

The Commonspot Profile element has changed form its original form.  Instead of managing profile data and selecting it for display in a single element, we now have a Profile Manager system available for content management, and the Profile Display and SCU Stories Display elements are available to select profile data for presentation in a Commonspot page.

About the Profile Manager

All of the content associated with a profile is now managed through this system.  Login to the Profile Manager, and you will find a list of all profiles that you currently have permission to edit.  You can add, edit, or delete profiles here, and share access to your profiles with other Commonspot users.

Profile Display Elements

You can select profiles for display in a Commonspot page using the Profile Display element, which is found in the Content Well element gallery category.  You'll also find an element that can be used to easily add an "SCU Stories" profile to a page - look for the SCU Stories Display element - it's pre-configured to select profiles in this collection.  Additionally, you'll find both the Profile and SCU Story elements in the Right Column element category.  Here's an example of how you would use this element to select all Music Department profiles for display in a summary list in the main Content Well.

Select a group of profiles:

select profile form

Apply a display theme:

profile theme form

Customize the number of profiles selected for display, and set the display order:

customize profile form

That's all there is to it.  Here's how that profile element setup would appear:

Michael Adduci
Woodwind Faculty - Oboe
Woodwind Faculty - Oboe, Reed-making. Read the full profile »
Tony Asaro
Voice Faculty - Musical Theater, Composition Faculty - Songwriting
Private Instructor - Voice, Songwriting Read the full profile »
Dahveed Behroozi
Piano Faculty, Staff accompanist
Private Instructor - Piano, Staff accompanist Read the full profile »
Claudia Bloom
String Faculty - Violin
Private Instructor - Violin Read the full profile »
Hans Boepple
Piano Faculty, Department Chair
Piano, Music History Read the full profile »
Michael Braun
Guitar Faculty
Private Instructor - Classical Guitar Read the full profile »
Bill Cefalu
Guitar Faculty
Private Instructor - Guitar Read the full profile »
Alexander Christie
Composition Faculty - Music Theory, Electronic Composition
Lecturer in composition, electronic music, and music theory. Private Instructor - composition. Read the full profile »
Ann Coombs-Kenney
String Faculty - Viola
Private Instructor - Viola Read the full profile »
Dan Cromeenes
Staff Accompanist
Staff pianist and accompanist for Concert Choir and Chamber Singers. Read the full profile »
Liliane Marie Antoinette Cromer
Voice Faculty
Private Instructor - Voice Read the full profile »
David Flores
Percussion Faculty - Drumset, Director World Percussion Ensemble
Leader of the World percussion ensemble and private instructor - drum set. Read the full profile »
Ryo Fukuda
String Faculty - Violin
Private Instructor - Violin Read the full profile »
Peter Gelfand
String Faculty - Cello
Cello instructor and Principal Cellist with the Symphony Silicon Valley Read the full profile »
Stephanie Haines
Voice faculty
Private Instructor - Voice Read the full profile »
Scot Alan Hanna-Weir
Director of Choral Activities
Director of Choral Activities at Santa Clara University and the Artistic Director of the Santa Clara Chorale. Read the full profile »
Jeff Hanson
Recording Arts Faculty
Private Instructor - recording engineering and records performances for the Department of Music. Read the full profile »
Doug Harris
Director of Bands, Brass Faculty - Trumpet
Doug Harris teaches wind symphony, jazz band and applied trumpet. Read the full profile »
Scott Hartman
Brass Faculty - Horn
Private instructor - Horn Read the full profile »
John Kennedy
SCU Orchestra and New Music Director
John Kennedy is the Director of the University Orchestra and the New Music Ensemble. Read the full profile »
Ginger Kroft
Woodwind Faculty - Clarinet
Private Instructor - Clarinet Read the full profile »
Melissa Lin
Musical Performance Manager
Musical Performance Manager, Piano Faculty, Staff Accompanist Read the full profile »
Ryan Lukas
Guitar Faculty - Electric Bass
Private Instructor - electric bass. Read the full profile »
Teresa McCollough
Piano Faculty, Music Theory, Music History
Professor McCollough is a pianist who champions contemporary music. She teaches a variety of courses at Santa Clara, including Music Theory and Intro to Listening. Currently on sabbatical. Read the full profile »
Bruce Moyer
String Faculty - Double Bass
Private Instructor - Double Bass. Read the full profile »
Nikolas Nackley
Voice Faculty
Private Instructor - Voice Read the full profile »
Chris Nalls
Music Office
Music Office Manager Read the full profile »
Michele Rivard
Voice faculty
Private Instructor - Voice Read the full profile »
Bruno Tucunduva Ruviaro
Composition Faculty, Electronic Music, Laptop Orchestra
Bruno Ruviaro teaches Music Composition, Electronic Music, and advanced theory. He directs the Laptop Orchestra. Read the full profile »
Bill Stevens
Lecturer - Musicianship, Jazz Piano
Musicianship Faculty, Private Instructor - Jazz Piano Read the full profile »
Kristen Strom
Jazz Combo, Woodwind Faculty - Saxophone
Saxophone instructor and leader of the Jazz combo Read the full profile »
Karen Thielen
Harp Faculty
Private Instructor - Harp Read the full profile »
Motoko Toba
String Faculty - Violin
Motoko Toba teaches Violin and is a graduate of the Julliard School. Read the full profile »
Nancy Wait-Kromm
Head of Vocal Studies
Opera Workshop, Cultures and Ideas, Beginning Voice, Private Instructor - Voice Read the full profile »
James Welch
Organ Faculty
James Welch is the University Organist and private instructor - Organ. Read the full profile »
James Witzel
Guitar Faculty
Private Instructor - Guitar Read the full profile »
Frank Wyant
Percussion Faculty
Private Instructor - Percussion Read the full profile »
Tian-En Yu
Piano Faculty
Private Instructor - Piano Read the full profile »
Christina Zanfagna
Ethnomusicology Faculty, Pop Culture & Race, Global Music
Christina Zanfagna is an Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology in the Music Department and Ethnic Studies Program Read the full profile »
SCU Story Profiles

There are custom elements available to display SCU Stories in the Content Well and Right Column element gallery categories.  These elements are pre-configured to select approved profiles with the "scustories" tag.

Here's an example of the SCU Story element found in the Right Column category.  In this example, we're selecting one profile randomly from all SCU faculty profiles in the SCU Stories collection.
SCU Stories
Amelia Fuller
Amelia Fuller

Chemistry professor studies the shapes of proteins and research in the field encourages her to join Santa Clara.

Read the full profile »

Commonspot users can submit SCU Story content to the Office of Communications and Marketing using this form.

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