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Use this element to add a simple, multiple-choice poll to a Commonspot page.

Creating a Poll

The poll's question, choices, and formatting are set through custom script parameters. There are just two required parameters; "question" and "choices". In the example below, the two required parameters are set as:

question=How did you find this page?
choices=Just browsing;In the Web Publishing blog;Russ told me about it;Another Commonspot user mentioned it;Through a search engine


How did you find this page?
  • Just browsing
  • In the Web Publishing blog
  • Russ told me about it
  • Another Commonspot user mentioned it
  • Through a search engine

Optional Settings

The Poll element allows you to modify the heading text, limit the number of choices a user is allowed to vote for, set the text in the submit button, and set the color style for the element. The example in the right column uses the following required and optional settings.

question=How do you get to school or work?
title=Getting there

If you set the limit to a number higher than 1 (the default is "1"), the form will use checkboxes instead of radio buttons, allowing users to make more than one choice in your poll.

Managing your Poll

Once you've created your poll, you'll be able to adjust the vote numbers and change the poll question and choices by viewing the page in Author mode.

How do you get to school or work?

Of 12 total votes:

  • Car (5 votes)
  • Train (1 vote)
  • Bus (2 votes)
  • Bike (2 votes)
  • Motorcycle (1 vote)
  • Walk (1 vote)
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