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Phonebook Organization Listing

Use this element to display a listing of staff and faculty members for a selected organization in the SCU Phonebook.  The element can be configured to display contact information based on the "on-campus" and "off-campus" display preferences specified by individuals in the phonebook, and can optionally include contact information such as phone, fax, email, and location for the selected organization.

Right Column Element

An alternate version of the Phonebook element is available for use in the right column of the page.  The "Phonebook Organization Contact" element can be found in the Right Column menu in the Element Gallery.  Select an organization from the list, and it will display address, phone, fax, email, and campus map location information from the SCU Phonebook. 

In the following example, the Media Services department has been selected with "off-campus" display setting selected, and the optional organization contact information set to be displayed.


Name Phone Email
Cutler, Nancy
408-554-4915 contact form
Bennett, Joel
Senior Media Systems Specialist
408-554-5468 contact form
Benton, Terry
Cable TV Manager
408-551-1746 contact form
Daw, Michael
Media Systems Specialist
408-551-6013 contact form
Ellison, Ruth
Senior Media Systems Specialist
408-554-4648 contact form
Gilkison, Michael
Instructional Technology Resource Specialist
408-551-6087 contact form
Hofer, Gloria
Instructional Technology Resource Specialist
408-551-1863 contact form
Maloney, Daniel
408-554-4520 contact form
Mills, Elwood
Computer Graphics/Photography
408-554-6903 contact form
Pehanich, Tony
Web Application Developer
408-554-4520 contact form
Washburn, Brian
408-551-1993 contact form
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