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Selecting data using a filter

Some Commonspot elements include an option to select data using a "filter".  This option allows you to select one or more items from a large set of records, based on your own filter criteria.  Here's how to do that, using a filter applied to Profile element data as an example.

In this scenario, we want to select all faculty members in the Education department from the Profile element data set.  First, we'll add the Profile element to the page. You'll find this element in the Content Well element gallery category.  Click the "gear" icon to expand the element menu and select "Render Mode".

rendermode image

The two rendering mode options are to display data added to the current page, or re-use existing data added to other pages.  That's what we want here - we're going to display Profile data that was added to pages in the Education site.  Select "Display existing element data" and "Render results dynamically based on a filter".

select existing data form

Next, click the "Filter" tab at the top of the Render Mode form.

filter tab selected

Here's where we'll set the selection criteria to get profiles for Education Faculty members. The filter form lets you enter values to be matched against Profile form fields.  First, select "Show subset of records".  Then we'll select profiles in the "faculty" group, and in the "Department of Education" organization.

filter element data

NOTE: It's important to be as precise and efficient as possible when selecting data for display.  It's best to use just three or fewer fields, and use the "Equals" operator to limit the number of results returned.  If the standard profile fields aren't suitable for limiting the selection, you can add a unique tag to the individual profiles and use that in your filter.

We want to get the results returned in alphabetical order by last name, and we set that in the "Sort Order" section of this form.

sort order field

Click "OK" to complete the process ("update" will allow you to preview the selection).  The Profile element will display the full profile by default.  To switch this to a summary list, we will apply a different custom render handler.

select render handlers

Select "Custom Render Handlers" and choose "Content Well Summary Profile" from the list.  Click "next" to apply this rendering.

select summary render handler

We're done. Here's how our filtered Profile data appears:

Scott Baumgartner
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
Scott Baumgartner is a native Oregonian and came to Santa Clara University by way of Syracuse, New York. Scott studied at Oregon State University and received his undergraduate degree in Math Education in 1985. Read the full profile »
Marco Bravo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education
Marco A. Bravo, Ph.D., received his bachelor's degree from Santa Clara University (1994) and received a Masters degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University (1995) where he conducted research in the areas of bilingualism and early childhood reading development. Read the full profile »
Susan Charles, Ed.D.
Adjunct Lecturer in Education, Coordinator for the Administrative Services Programs
Susan Charles has over 30 years experience as a teacher, counselor, and administrator in K - 12 education. Originally from the island of Dominica, in the West Indies, she has lived with her family in the Bay Area since 1975 Read the full profile »
Ruth Cook, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita
Professor Cook was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Illinois and the Los Angeles area. She received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Redlands... Read the full profile »
Sara Soledad Garcia
Associate Professor of Education, Director of Masters in Interdisciplinary Education - Environmental Literacy and Ethics (ELE)
Sara published a paper entitled, "Spanish-English or English-Spanish in California: The Dialectics of Language in a Sociocultural Historical Context," in the Forum on Public Policy, a journal of the Oxford Round Table. Read the full profile »
Sara Soledad Garcia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education, Co-Director, Masters in Interdisciplinary Education - Teaching and Learning/Curriculum and Instruction
Sara Garcia grew up in Santa Paula, California. She received her B.A. in Spanish Literature from San Jose State University and taught high school in Oxnard, California. Read the full profile »
Melissa C. Gilbert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Melissa C. Gilbert grew up in Austin, Texas and earned her bachelor's degree from Wellesley College before moving to the Bay Area in 1995 to pursue a career in education. Read the full profile »
Carol Ann Gittens
Director, Office of Assessment Associate Professor, Education / Liberal Studies
Carol Ann Gittens published a book chapter "Assessing Critical Thinking Dispositions in an Era of High-Stakes Standardized Testing" in J. Sobocan & L. Groarke (Eds.) Read the full profile »
Carol Ann Gittens, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education, Director, University Office of Assessment
Dr. Carol Ann Gittens received her Ph.D. in social / personality psychology in 1996, from the University of California at Riverside. Read the full profile »
Lisa S. Goldstein Ph.D.
Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education University Coordinator of CTC Credential Programs
Lisa S. Goldstein, Ph.D., a former Santa Clara county primary grade teacher, earned a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Yale University, a Master's degree in Education of the Gifted from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University. Read the full profile »
Lisa Goldstein Ph.D.
Lisa S. Goldstein Named University Coordinator of CTC Credential Programs
SCU formalizes its relationship with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Read the full profile »
Lester F. Goodchild, Ph.D.
Professor of Education, Director, Masters in Educational Administration - Higher Education Administration Emphasis
Dr. Goodchild is currently the Director of the Higher Education Program and Professor of Education. In the 2006-2007 academic year, he served as Dean of the School of Education, Counseling Psychology, and Pastoral Ministries. Read the full profile »
Pedro Hernández-Ramos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Born in New Orleans, LA, Pedro grew up in Mexico where he received a BA from Universidad Iberoamericana (a Jesuit institution) in Mexico City. Read the full profile »
Harold Jules Hoyle, Ph.D.
Lecturer of Education
A child of teachers, Harold Hoyle, Ph.D., was raised in San Diego, California. After attending public school K-12, he earned his B.S. in Religious Studies from Westmont College where he directed off campus ministries. Read the full profile »
Steve Johnson, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer of Education, Director, Character Education, Catholic Education Advisor, Markkula Center/Department of Education
Steve Johnson is the Director of Character Education at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Read the full profile »
Dorothy J. McCrea, Ed.D
School of Education, Catholic School Leadership Program. Annual Yearly Adjunct Lecturer
Having spent over 25 years in secondary education, Dr. McCrea is currently teaching in the Education Leadership Program in the School of Education. Read the full profile »
Cheryl McElvain, Ed.D.
Lecturer - Interdisciplinary Education and Basic Teacher Credential Programs
Cheryl McElvain currently teaches first and second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and literacy development classes in the teacher education program for Santa Clara University. Read the full profile »
Robert L. Michels, M.A.
Lecturer in Education and Counseling Psychology Coordinator for Interns & TPAs
Bob Michels was born in San Francisco, California. He received his B.A. degree and elementary teaching credential in 1961 from San Francisco State University, after studying education and psychology. Read the full profile »
Dr. Francisca Miranda
Lecturer/Coordinator of Field Experience & Pre Service Teacher Assessment
Dr. Francisca A. Miranda served as the Deputy Superintendent for the Sequoia Union High School District for more than a decade before she joined San Jose State University as an adjunct faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership, Connie L. Lurie College of Education. Read the full profile »
Priscilla Myers, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Reading Specialist in Education
Priscilla Myers has been a K-12 reading specialist, a high school and middle school English and French teacher, and a university instructor at three universities and in public and private elementary and secondary schools in the United States, France, Norway, England, and Japan. Read the full profile »
Timothy Myers, M.A.
Tim Myers is a writer, songwriter, storyteller, and lecturer in the Education and English departments. He has 19 years experience as a middle-school and high-school teacher and 15 years in university education. Read the full profile »
Terry Queenan, M.A.
Coordinator Field Experiences, Master of Arts Educational Administration, Master of Arts Physical Education
Terry Queenan currently serves as the Coordinator of Field Experiences Single Subject with the Preservice Credential Program, lecturer of Directed Teaching Seminar and field supervisor for single subject teacher candidates. Read the full profile »
Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica has been working to improve the academic outcomes of Emergent Bilinguals for more than 10 years. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she participated in the California Mini-Corps program where she served as a teaching-assistant in schools with large numbers of migrant students. Read the full profile »
Michael Schadeck, M.A.
Coordinator Field Experiences, Adjunct Lecturer
Michael Schadeck serves as the Coordinator of Field Experiences Multiple Subject in the Preservice Credential Program, lecturer of Clinical Practicum and field supervisor for multiple subject candidates. Read the full profile »
Kathleen Jablon Stoehr, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Kathleen Jablon Stoehr is a native Californian who earned her Bachelor?s Degree from San Diego State University in Psychology and her Teaching Credential from Dominican University of California. Read the full profile »
Marian Stuckey, M.A.
Dean's Executive Professor, Coordinator of Catholic Teaching and Administration Programs
Marian Stuckey grew up in San Francisco. She received her Bachelor degrees in Education and in English from the University of San Francisco. During her years teaching in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, she received lifetime credentials in elementary and secondary education and in administrative services. Read the full profile »
Kathy Liu Sun, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Kathy earned a bachelor?s degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Stanford University. She received her single subject teaching credential in mathematics from San Jose State University. Read the full profile »
Anita B. Sunseri, Ed.D.
Co-Coordinator of Field Experience, Multiple Subjects
Anita Sunseri works in the Education Department and is the Co-Coordinator of Field Experience, Multiple Subject, at Santa Clara University Read the full profile »
Keith Yocam M.A.
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
Since 2004 Keith Yocam has been teaching education courses in the Department of Education at Santa Clara University. He also works with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at SCU designing and facilitating the Center?s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Read the full profile »
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