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Event Calendar RSVP

Display an RSVP form with events selected from the Campus Event Calendar. Users can select one or more events and submit an RSVP to a specified e-mail address. The RSVP submissions are also collected in a database on the Web server, and the Event RSVP Export element can be used to export the RSVP data as an Excel file.

How to add the Event Calendar RSVP Element

The Event Calendar RSVP element can be found in the Content Well element gallery category. Click the "insert new element" text in the Content Well, and select the RSVP element from the gallery.

After the element has been added to the page, you will need to set one or more parameters, to select the Event Calendar data for display. This element accepts parameters similar to those used in the Event Calendar Summary and Detail element:

Required Parameters - You'll need to provide one of the following, in order to select events for display:

  • org = sponsoring organization id number
  • series = series id number
  • schedule = the schedule id number for a specific event; the element will display a single event listing along with the RSVP form.

Note: This Web site includes a list of Event sponsor and series ID numbers, for reference. The schedule id can be found in the URL of an event detail display (example: - enter "schedule=5050 to select only this event for display in the RSVP form).

Optional Parameters

  • days = number of future days' events to be displayed (the default is 999 days)
  • display = public, private, or all types of events (the default is "public" events)
  • sort = the following options specify how the events will be grouped and displayed
    • 'date' (default): groups events that have the same date
    • 'date_select': same as 'date' but displays the dates in a drop down menu or 'select' box.
    • 'title': groups events that have the same title
    • 'title_select': same as 'title' but displays the dates in a drop down menu or 'select' box.
  • eventEmail = the e-mail address of the individual responsible for managing event RSVPs
  • Custom1, Custom2, Custom3 - you can add form fields to the RSVP form by providing the field name.

In most cases you will only need to supply one parameter; an organization, series, or schedule id number.

Custom Parameters

In this example, the series id "16" (for HR Workshops) was provided as the event listing selection. Optional parameters are; days (lists the next 14 days' events), eventEmail (sends a copy of the event RSVP to a specified email address), and two custom fields - Employee ID and SCU Department.

parameter example
Event Listing and RSVP Form

The event listing includes two events scheduled in the next 14 days in the HR Workshops series. The RSVP form includes the two custom fields for Employee ID and SCU Department name. An event RSVP can be submitted from this form for one or both of the listed events. The event data will be collected in a database table on the Web server, where it can be selected for export using the Event RSVP Export element.

event rsvp example

Event RSVP Export

The RSVP data submitted through the Event Calendar RSVP form is collected in a database on the Web server. The Event RSVP Export element can be used to view RSVPs currently submitted and select the RSVP data for export to Excel, as a text file, or sent as an email message.

How to add the Event RSVP Export element

The Event RSVP Export element can be found in Author mode of the RSVP form page.

Exporting RSVP data

The export element will display any RSVPs submitted for the selected events. You can export this data in three ways; as a CSV (comma-separated-value) formatted file which can be opened in Excel or imported to Access, displayed as text output to the Web browser screen, or sent as text output to a specified e-mail address. The exported data will include the event title, data, RSVP data, and the date and time when the RSVP was submitted.

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