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Content Well: Subsite List

This element applies standard formatting to CommonSpot's page index element to create a list of pages within the current subsite. The Subsite List element's default configuration is to display a table, including the page title and description. The page title text and arrow icon are links to the subsite page.

Here's an example, using the contents of the current subsite (/webpublishing/cms/elements):


This element's default settings will limit the listing to active pages in the current subsite (excluding the current page) that are accessible to all site visitors, listed in alphabetical order by page title. The default settings for the element can be modified by clicking the element properties icon - the page index element has a wide array of options, including filtering results based on page properties.
Alternate display option

The Subsite List can also be displayed as a bulleted list, by modifying the "custom render handler" setting accessible through the layout properties icon. Here is the same index, using the Bulleted List render handler:

(note: if the page title text and the description text are identical, the description text is not displayed.)

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