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Content Well: Class Schedule

The class schedule element accepts 5 parameters to control the content displayed; 1 is required, and 4 are optional. If you provide values for the optional parameters, they will over-ride the default settings.


Fall 2015

Search Results
28 classes found.    Displaying matches 21 - 28.
Course Number Title Days/Times Instructor Seats*
HIST 128 26985 Victorian London TR 10:20 AM-12:00 PM Newsom Kerr,Matthew L. 15
HIST 137 26990 The Soviet Experiment TR 10:20 AM-12:00 PM Randall,Amy E 13
HIST 146A 28031 Med & Early Mod Japan TR 02:00 PM-03:40 PM Molony,Barbara A 17
HIST 150 27871 Gender&Sexuality in East Asia TR 10:20 AM-12:00 PM Molony,Barbara A 17
HIST 178 26986 Race and World War II TR 03:50 PM-05:30 PM Hazard,Anthony Q 2
HIST 186 29375 California MWF 02:15 PM-03:20 PM Wigmore,Gregory Stephen 18
HIST 197S 29387 Senior Project - Randall,Amy E Closed
HIST 197S 30076 Senior Project - Molony,Barbara A Closed
* Please note: cross-listed class capacities may not reflect accurate seat availability.

Custom Parameters

Class schedule data
Setting year and quarter parameters

The data available for display in the Class Schedule element is drawn from the PeopleSoft system.  This data is organized by term; the academic term field in PeopleSoft is composed of a pair of two-digit values; year and quarter.

A guide to using PeopleSoft academic year and quarter values when selecting data:


  • 36 = 2014-2015
  • 37 = 2015-2016
  • 38 = 2016-2017


  • 00 = Fall
  • 20 = Winter
  • 40 = Spring
  • 60 = Summer

The data available for display is limited to terms with active registration periods; you can reliably use the previous and current terms, but forthcoming term data will not be available until registration appointments are scheduled and data is entered in PeopleSoft.

Display  Schedule Detail for a Specific Class

If you enter the class number as a parameter, the element will display the class schedule detail.  The "availability" and "description" parameters can also be applied in the schedule detail display.



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