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  •  Custom event calendars: select by location

    Thursday, Apr. 30, 2009

    The campus calendar now allows custom calendars to be constructed using the event location for selection.  Here's an example: - listing all events scheduled to take place in the Learning Commons building.

  •  Commonspot authoring access on Wednesday, 4/15

    Tuesday, Apr. 14, 2009

    There will be a short interruption in Commonspot authoring access, now planned for Wednesday (4/15) morning.  The system operators will be upgrading and patching the authoring server, which will require stopping authoring and Commonspot replication for about an hour.  This was originally planned for Tuesday afternoon, but has been rescheduled.

  •  SCU home page and base template changes

    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2009

    The "SCU Experience" presentation is now live on the SCU home page - each of the core attributes contains two features, including video and image slideshows.  The base template has also been modified - the university seal has taken the place of the mission icon in the image at the top of each page.

  •  A work-around for "hopping" Commonspot icons

    Wednesday, Apr. 1, 2009

    Commonspot users frequently encounter problems with access to element icons in pages that have content "below the fold" - content that is not visible when the page content is scrolled to the top of the window.  Clicking on an element icon can cause the page view to "hop" to the top of the page, and you then lose access to the element's menu options.

    A work-around for this problem is to press the CTRL key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) when clicking the element icon.  That should prevent the view from resetting to the top of the page.

    Credit for this useful tip goes to OMC student assistant Chris.

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