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David Sanger

David Sanger

January 14, 2010
Mayer Theatre, 7:30 p.m.

"The Financial Crisis and the Loss of America’s Global Leverage"

How can the U.S. navigate a new economic world in partnership with China and India? Is America’s economic future beyond repair? Has the nation lost its confidence? 

"Dual crises in economic and diplomatic circles are bearing down on America," says David Sanger in his first book, The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the challenges to American Power, an analysis of the Bush administration’s legacy and the nation’s current challenges. How President Obama reacts to these conditions will determine America’s future economic health and position in the world.

The chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, Sanger has been covering foreign policy, globalization and economics, the presidency, and nuclear proliferation for more than 25 years. His commentary on Tiananmen Square, the Challenger disaster, Burma’s junta, Nicaragua’s political crisis, and Iran’s election has helped Americans understand a rapidly changing world during moments of upheaval. He has twice been on a Pulitzer prize-winning journalistic team.

A graduate of Harvard University, Sanger’s seasoned perspective allows him to make comparisons and offer context across international and historical lines.

Writing about President Obama’s economic stimulus package, Sanger says, “When Roosevelt took America down new roads, he financed it at home. Mr. Obama does not have that luxury: He must persuade not only Congress and the public but also world financial markets, which must decide whether — and at what interest rate — they are willing to finance his plan. That is the three-dimensional chess game the administration must play as it tries to mount the biggest economic rescue plan in more than seven decades.”

On the president’s efforts to quell nuclear proliferation, he writes, “Most of all, Mr. Obama and like-minded leaders will have to establish a new global order that will truly restrain rogue states and terrorist groups from moving ahead with nuclear projects.”

Please join us for a conversation with David Sanger. A book signing will follow.

Read recent and archived articles by Sanger at The New York Times or watch video clips of his guest appearances on the Charlie Rose show.

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