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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Synergy

More than a place, Silicon Valley is a mindset—home to more than 2 million residents and 6,600 science- and technology-related companies. And that doesn’t include San Francisco, which is just an hour away.

Adjacent to San Jose, the 10th largest city in the U.S., Santa Clara has the unique advantage of being located in a region known for its extraordinary visionaries, who have designed and created some of the most significant scientific and technological advances of our age. The opportunities for internships and jobs in Silicon Valley are rich and reliable.

Brienne Ghafourifar ’12

Million Dollar Bronco

Santa Clara University alumna Brienne Ghafourifar ’12 is a habitual high achiever. She was accepted to Santa Clara at 15, graduated with an economics degree, and founded her own start up by the age of 18. But her most recent achievement—raising $1 million in venture funding for her mobile-communication startup, Entefy—might be most impressive of all. Read more about Ghafourifar’s story.


Computer Chip

What They Don’t Teach You in School: From College to Silicon Valley

Pedram Keyani ’00 has been an engineer at Facebook since 2007. He is a manager on the Site Integrity team and a Hackathon enthusiast. Read what he has to say about the transition from college to Silicon Valley.

internshipsSilicon Valley Internships Aren’t just for Seniors

Valley businesses aren’t just hiring upperclassmen for internship opportunities. Within the last academic year, 51 percent of internships posted on SCU’s jobs board Broncolink were open to sophomores and 35 percent were advertising to first-year students.

Of course, juniors and seniors still have the most opportunities with 77 percent of internships open to juniors and 67 percent open to seniors. For more information about internships and career development, head over to the Career Center website.


Business to Business Marketing Course Leads to Internships and Careers

Buford Barr“Working with a real-life company on a real-life project gives students exposure to politics, to the dynamics of today, to the deadlines of today, to all of the demands of today,” said Buford Barr, whose course Business-to-Business Marketing [video] challenges students far beyond their expectations.

Part of the coursework entails the development and presentation of a full marketing plan based on objectives provided by a client—who, in this case, was Synopsys, a Silicon Valley chip design software company.

These real-world experiences lead to careers after graduation. Marketing graduate Hannah Watanabe '10 turned her project for Synopsys into a social media specialist position with the same company after graduation.