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Community-Based Learning

Community Based Learning

Build a Better World

At Santa Clara, you will learn that knowledge is not limited to the classroom, labs, and library but has practical applications to the broader world. Our professors apply their teachings to real-world situations alongside their students to show how knowledge can lead to the good of the community as well as personal growth.


Inspiration to Help Those in Need

We know that intent without action is of limited value. Our community-based learning programs reach beyond the classroom because problems aren’t solved when we work in isolation. Santa Clara students work with and learn from marginalized groups both in the region and farther afield. For more information, watch this video about community-based learning at Santa Clara.


Exploring Society Through Photography

Santa Clara photography students took portraits of families living in a local transitional housing center, then presented the families with professional portraits they could not otherwise afford. Instructor Renee Billingslea’s own experience in the Peace Corps encouraged her to add this experience to her class, Exploring Society Through Photography.


Building Boats with Elementary Students

Communication major Robert Boscacci ’14 is one of more than three dozen undergraduates introducing young students to engineering concepts through hands-on activities. At the Third Street Community Center in San Jose, SCU students show youngsters how to build a functioning boat from household materials. In the spirit of competition and fun, Boscacci has the students load their team-designed boats with pennies, one at a time, to demonstrate how the weight within the hull affects buoyancy. Last one to sink wins!


Community-Based Learning at the Ignatian Center

Santa Clara’s Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education plays an essential role in bringing together the University and our neighbors for community-based learning experiences. The center works across the University to create opportunities for students to foster moral, spiritual, and intellectual development as global citizens while making our community a better place. Visit the Ignatian Center’s Community-Based Learning page for more information.