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International Students

International Students

Apply and Visit Campus

Prospective students may apply for admission using the Common Application. If you are able to do so, we also welcome prospective students to talk to current students and recent alumni and visit our campus. The Visit Our Campus page has more information.

Checking Application Status

We will confirm receipt of your application by sending a notification to the email address in your application. All applicants will also be provided a unique ID and password to check their application status on our eCampus portal. Please check your email spam filters and settings to ensure your email box will allow email from

Getting Started for International Students

A Santa Clara education can take you places, regardless of what nation you call home. With a Jesuit education, you’ll learn to think critically, understand the needs of the world, and act for the good of society. You’ll be challenged to experience life beyond the classroom and become a contributing member of the global community.

Please note that this page is intended for undergraduate applicants. Click the following link for more information on Graduate Program Admissions.

International Student Application Requirements

An international applicant is a citizen or permanent resident of a country outside of the United States who would require a visa to reside and study at Santa Clara University. In addition to all application parts required for freshman or transfer student applicants, international students are also required to provide the following documentation: 

1. Certification of Finances—The College Board Certification of Finances Form must be completed and the minimum assured support amount should cover the total cost of the first year of attendance. It is important the form includes the applicants name exactly as it appears on the application for admission. Our inability to match your financial documentation with your application may result in the closure of your file. A completed form includes either a bank signature and all sections that apply completed OR the form can be completed and a bank statement can be attached. A stand alone bank statement will not be considered without the College Board Certification of Finances form.

2. Proof of English Proficiency—A minimum level of English proficiency is required to study at SCU. To be considered for admission, we will accept the following English proficiency exams and respective score minimums (English 1A and 1B does not fulfill this requirement):

You are exempt from this requirement if you are from a country whose official language is English or if you attended your entire high school career at a school whose instruction is conducted in English.

Campus lawn3. Transcript evaluations for coursework completed outside the U.S.—International applicants must submit all the secondary school transcripts for grades nine through 12 or equivalent, including national examinations, if applicable. Also required is an official course-by-course evaluation by an accredited evaluation agency of all your completed international coursework. A listing of evaluation agencies can be found on the National Associate of Credential Evaluation Services website:

Please note that the course evaluation is waived by request only—and only if you are attending a school and/or college following American, International Baccalaureate, or British curricula. Please send an email to if you meet any of these exemptions. If you have any questions regarding application requirements for international students, please contact the Director of International Admission at 408-554-4700.

Students Attending International Schools

U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents who have completed courses abroad or are attending school overseas are required to submit official course-by-course evaluation of coursework completed (see point three above) if the school attended does not follow an American, International Baccalaureate, or British curricula. Questions concerning this requirement should be addressed to

Mailing Application Documents

Please mail supporting documents to:

Santa Clara University
Office of Undergraduate Admission
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053-0513 U.S. 

Visa Information for Admitted International Students 

International students requiring an F-1 or J-1 visa to attend SCU must first complete the I-20 form. Students should review the I-20 preparation process for documentation requirements and anticipated timeline. All forms, including new and updated financial affidavits must be submitted directly to the International Student Services office (ISS). The Certificate of Finance or Financial Resources statement submitted with your admissions application are not valid for the I-20 process. If you have any questions please contact ISS at 408-551-7037 or email the office at  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does SCU offer an orientation program for international students?
Yes. We offer a mandatory International Student Orientation program for all incoming international students (F-1 and J-1) prior to your term of enrollment. 

Can I attend a community college in the U.S. and transfer to SCU?
Yes. Santa Clara enrolls students from many community colleges in California and nationwide. To prepare for transfer, please review the list of required and recommended courses. Transfer guides are available for students attending 19 of our neighboring community colleges.  

Can I apply for financial aid or merit scholarships?
International students are not eligible for financial aid. However, international freshman applicants are eligible for merit scholarships which are awarded at the time of admission. Consideration for merit awards does not require an application separate from the Common Application. Scholarship recipients are notified of their awards upon acceptance. All scholarships are fixed amounts and will not increase annually. You are required to maintain specific program eligibility requirements in order to retain your merit award.

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