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Diversity at SCU

Diversity at SCU

A Community Enriched by Diversity

Santa Clara embraces the notion that we must be global educators, researchers, students, citizens, and partners. The University is committed to creating an enriching learning community with students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds, respectful of difference, and enlivened by open dialogue.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

There are numerous student clubs and organizations at SCU that help to create a diverse campus experience and allow students to learn about different views, backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Visit the database of Santa Clara's student clubs to search for the cultural organization you are interested in.


Diversity Initiatives

Diversity initiatives are provided through a variety of programs and offices on campus. The Office for Multicultural Learning, for example, promotes cross-cultural programming and helps to provide a welcoming climate here at SCU.



Majors & Minors

Santa Clara offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs addressing the areas of diversity, inclusiveness, and multicultural learning.


Multicultural Courses

Take a class in Native American cultures, African American dance history, multicultural journalism, or Mexican American literature. Here are more examples of some of the multicultural courses offered at Santa Clara University.