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Recreation and Extracurricular Activities

Recreation and Extracurricular Activities

Unwind and Have Fun

You'll never lack for something to do. Outside of class, you'll find interesting lectures, plays, art exhibits, and volunteer positions. You will also discover various opportunities to share your views with fellow students via the student newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, and radio station.

Student Clubs

Student Clubs and Organizations

Choose from more than 150 clubs and organizations, including student government, multicultural groups, religious fellowships, and fitness and recreation clubs. Whether you want to share your interest in anthropology or go scuba diving, there's likely to be a club that meets your interests. The Center for Student Leadership registers student clubs and organizations.

Spiritual Activities

Spiritual and Religious Activities

You can explore your spirituality through SCU's Campus Ministry programs. Deepen your faith by attending Mass, talking to a peer minister, going on a retreat, or engaging in open dialogues with students from different faiths.


Volunteer Opportunities

Make a difference in the community with the Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP), a unique, student-run volunteer orhanization that works with diverse commmunities. SCCAP offers many opportunities to apply your talents to social services, including tutoring, building a home, working with the homeless, or becoming a Big Brother or Sister.

Student Media Organizations

On the air and in print, Santa Clara has a diverse array of student media organizations.

Malley Center

Recreation and Fitness on Campus

Santa Clara University is a great place for students interested in recreation and fitness. You can swim at the Sullivan Aquatic Center, play tennis at the Degheri Center, or work out at the 45,000-square-foot Pat Malley Fitness Center.

For students who love sports, there are numerous intramural and club teams, including everything from rugby to karate. More information can be found on the campus recreation website.