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Major in Art History

Discover the historical context of art in a program integrating theory and practice.

As an art history major at Santa Clara University, you’ll learn to examine visual art in the context of the nature and evolution of human societies past and present. You’ll develop strong skills in research, analysis, reflection, and discrimination, as well as written and oral communication and argument. Some majors go on to graduate study for professional work in arts publications, museums, and galleries. Others take their research, analytical, and writing skills into related fields, such as communication media, law, and education.

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Major Requirements

  • Four courses selected from the ARTH 20-series (21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27)
  • ARTH 100 (preferably at end of sophomore year)
  • ARTH 196 (capstone seminar) is required in senior year
  • Two studio ARTS courses (lower- or upper-division) 
  • Five upper-division ARTH courses (no more than three may be taken abroad) 
  • Two additional art history courses (lower- or upper-division)
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