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Adding accents, cedillas, and other diacritical marks

Have you ever wondered how to add an accent to the letter 'e' or how to type an eñe (˜) for a Spanish class?

Brad Holtman at Mansfield University has a helpful guide for creating commonly used Accented Characters on the Computer for the Mac and PC.

Mac users typically hold down the OPTION (OPT) key and a 2-3 key combination. For example, to write the character à on a Mac, the keystroke is OPTION+'+A.

If you use a PC, you have three ways of adding diacritical marks. In Microsoft Word it is usually the CONTROL (CRTL) key and a 2-3 key combination, for example CONTROL+SHIFT+U produces ü. For other applications you'll either have to turn on the International U.S. English Keyboard, or use the list of ASCII codes for each character. So typing the same character (ü) in an email would use the keystrokes ALT+129. When typing these numbers, remember to use the number pad on the right-side of the keyboard and not the numbers at the top of the keyboard.

For information on how to type even more diacritical marks, click here for the Mac and here for the PC

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