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Using AutoDate for Repeating Items in GroupWise

You can create a repeating appointment, task, or other item in GroupWise using the AutoDate feature. This can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or any (non)sequential frequency.

  1. Start by creating your appointment or item type in GroupWise.
  2. Add the subject, place, and start time as needed.
  3. Go to Actions > Auto-Date.
  4. In the Auto-Date window, you can choose one of three ways to set the repeating date:
    • The Example tab allows you to choose the months and days of the week the item will repeat (e.g., Fourth Sunday of every month)
    • The Formula tab has a text area where you enter the date to repeat. To use the formula tab, type the date in the Formula Text area (e.g., July 4, Tuesday, etc.).
    • The Dates tab allows you to select the exact dates you want by clicking on them.
  5. Choose the number of occurrences (e.g.; 40 would make it repeat for the next 40 years) or select End from the drop-down menu and select and end date.
  6. Click OK.

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