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Importing Excel addresses into GroupWise

'Importing' may not be the most accurate term for this tip, but it does allow you to copy a list of addresses from Excel into GroupWise and save them to your address book.

  1. Select and copy the email address in Excel and paste them as BC recipients into a new message in GroupWise.
  2. Click the Address button at the top of the message.
  3. In the Address Selector window, click Save Group and choose which address book to save the addresses into. You now have the addresses in your GroupWise address book that you can email collectively as a group, or select individual addresses and email separately.
  4. To use this group or individuals in the group, open the Address Book .
  5. Click the plus sign next to the address book where you have saved the group. In the main window, select the address(s) you want to email to.
  6. Click the Action button and choose Send Mail to write the email and send it.

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