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Inserting YouTube Videos in PowerPoint


YouTube videos are Flash videos (.flv) and require either using an add-in or Flash video holder to add them to your presentation. Which method you use depends on whether or not you'll have internet connection during your presentation.

If you will be connected during your presentation:

  1. Download and extract the PowerPoint 2003 add-in. (Find PowerPoint 2007 instructions here).
  2. In PowerPoint, go to Tools > Add-Ins and click 'Add New…' to install. Locate the file YouTubeVideo.ppa and choose 'OK'.
  3. You'll find the new add-in in the Insert menu. Choose YouTube video and follow the wizard to insert a YouTube video.

If you won't be connected during your presentation: We have a simple step-by-step guide on our in-class resources page that you can find here.

Learn how to incorporate other media in your presentations by signing up for our PowerPoint – Multimedia class.


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