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Official SCU colors, logos, and templates

official logos fonts colors

Many people have asked where they can find SCU logos, templates, and color palettes to make their websites, PowerPoint presentations, or other media reflect the theme of the University.

SCU Color Palette
At the Web Publishing at Santa Clara University site, you can find the digital color palette that "compliments the established SCU print collateral color palette."

SCU Style Guidelines
A PDF manual detailing appropriate ways to use and copies of the SCU logos and seals, the official typeface, tagline, and color palettes (CMYK and PMS)

SCU Logos and Templates
See samples of and access the variety of SCU logos, PowerPoint templates, and Print ad templates. A GroupWise account is required.

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maria said on Apr 20, 2010
what is the color that reprents the university?
Technology Training said on Apr 23, 2010
Hi Maria, The university's colors are "Santa Clara Red" and "White", ( The exact shade of red can be found in the SCU Style Guidelines PDF (
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