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How do you do recycle your e-waste?

Credit: schmilblick's photostream
Credit: schmilblick's photostream

Electronic waste (e-waste) is anything that uses a battery or electric cord. All e-waste can be recycled at SCU.

You should never throw e-waste in the garbage. Disposing of e-waste in landfills has the potential to cause severe human and environmental health impacts. Some items, like ink cartridges, can even be reused or recycled.

Don't know exactly how to recycle those long fluorescent tubes, ink cartridges, or broken computers? Check out the posts on Electronic Waste in the Office of Sustainability FAQ blog about recycling, composting and waste.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can always email  about e-waste and other recycling, composting, and waste questions on campus.

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Trixie Clark said on Jan 21, 2013
In terms of recycling e-waste specially tablets or ipad I go to CashForiPads (a refurbishment website) to turn my used or old gadgets into cash. I think that's the best thing we can do to help our nature and at the same time you can get money from it.
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