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Technology Training offers drop-in Open Lab hours and formal hands-on classes, but sometimes all you need is a quick tip. Software Tips & Tricks is a collection of some of the best hints we've discovered to make your computing more productive.

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  •  GroupWise 8 Upgrade

    GroupWise 8 is now available for download on the IT website and will be installed on all the new machines in this year's PC Replacement. This new release offers many new and long-awaited changes for Mac and Windows users. Sign up for a GroupWise 8 - New Features demo to learn more about what this release has to offer.
  •  Configure 'Notify' for GroupWise

    Notify is the feature for GroupWise that alerts you whenever you receive new messages. By right-clicking the Notify icon on the task bar, you can customize the way it works, including how long alerts should stay on the screen.
  •  Use 'Resend' to Correct Appointments or Email

    If you ever need to retract or make changes to an appointment you've sent out, you can right-click the appointment in your calendar and choose "Resend". This will open up the appointment window, allowing you to make changes.

    When you click "Send", GroupWise will give you the option of retracting the original message from recipients' mailboxes, instead of duplicating appointments.

  •  Deleting GroupWise messages on an iPhone

    iPhone users: Keep seeing your deleted GroupWise messages with strikethroughs lingering in your mailbox? Learn how to control how quickly GroupWise erases deleted messages.
  •  GroupWise Tutorials

    Learn how to manage your mailbox, calendar, and address book through our GroupWise tutorials online. The GroupWise client (the globe icon on the desktop of most public computers on campus) allows you more control over your accunt than the browser-based version. Check out the tutorial, and let us know what other topics you'd like to see.

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