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Software Tips & Tricks

Technology Training offers drop-in Open Lab hours and formal hands-on classes, but sometimes all you need is a quick tip. Software Tips & Tricks is a collection of some of the best hints we've discovered to make your computing more productive.

  •  Microsoft Word Tips

    Word Tips logo
    Allen Wyatt's Word Tips is a great place to find all quick tips or pointers on how to do things in Word. Want tips delivered straight to you? Then subscribe to daily or weekly newsletters with tips for Microsoft Word. ----- Word Tips contains thousands of tips and tricks on how to use Word better, faster, and more easily. You can browse through the index by clicking on the links or enter your question or keywords in the search box at the top-right corner of every page. Information in Word Tips covers many different versions of Microsoft Word for the PC: Word 6, Word 95, Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003, and Word 2007.
  •  Get One-on-One Software Help 5 Days a Week

    Come by during Open Lab hours on Tuesdays from 1:45-3:45 PM, or Sunday-Thursday from 7-10 PM in the Learning Commons.
    Evening Open Lab
  •  Adobe Acrobat Help and Support

    Acrobat PDF

    In response to many people asking for Adobe Acrobat support, Technology Training has a new class called Up and Running with Acrobat 8. Suitable for Mac and PC (with very slight differences between the two), this class introduces users to creating and editing PDFs.

    You can also find help in Adobe's Help and Support page and at, an Adobe Acrobat user community.

  •  '10 Tips on How to Think Like a Designer'

    10 tips on how to think like a designer
    Here's a list of tips from Presentation Zen (, a great repository of techniques, insights, and inspiration for creating professional presentations. Be sure to check out the website for an explanation of each tip. These are things that designers do or know that everyone else can benefit from. They're broad and applicable to all sorts of work - not just presentations.
  •  Get Help at Microsoft Office Online

    If you have the new Office on your computer you can get help at Microsoft Office Online for Mac and Windows. In any Office product, click the Help icon on the ribbon to get there, or find links to specific applications on our Resources page. Once there, you'll find tutorials, downloads, and online forums to get your questions answered. The Windows site has resources for both Office 2003 and 2007, while the Mac site supports only 2008.
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