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Software Tips & Tricks

Technology Training offers drop-in Open Lab hours and formal hands-on classes, but sometimes all you need is a quick tip. Software Tips & Tricks is a collection of some of the best hints we've discovered to make your computing more productive.

  •  Get Updates on Technology Issues on Campus

    IT Website

    While SCU has relatively good email safeguards, you may have noticed an increase in spam mail (supposedly from your email address) in your SCU email since mid-December. IT is aware of the issue and is looking into the source of the problem.

    If you ever notice unusual amounts of spam, irregular internet performance, or any kind of technology trouble that may be campus-wide, check out the Information Technology website. Right on the homepage is a list of Active Technology Issues that IT is aware of, color-coded by level of severity. Click on any issue to learn more about the situation, or subscribe to get updated as soon as more information is posted.

  •  Prepare Your Word 2007 Documents for Distribution with "Inspect Document"

    New to Word 2007 is the "Prepare" category that lets you, among other things, inspect your document before you send it to others. We stumbled upon it while trying to find a way to turn off Track Changes which seemed more straightforward in Word 2003. You can find it under the Office logo. To turn off Track Changes in particular, go to the Office logo > Prepare > Inspect Document. You'll be given the option to turn off Track Changes. Bear in mind that this also turns off all comments and markup-- there's no way to pick and choose which editing features you want visible or disabled.

    How-To-Geek has a nice step-by-step article with screen shots detailing how to use this feature: Prepare your Word Document for Mass Distribution.

  •  Make Use of your J: Drive

    All SCU faculty, staff and currents students with a Novell account have their own network drive. If you are logged in to the Novell network on campus, go to My Computer and look under Network Drives for your Novell username in the drive name. After the drive name is usually (J:).

    Use your J: drive to back up important files or save work that you access from different computers (such as a lab computer). It's perfect for when you forget to bring a USB flash drive.

  •  GroupWise, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices

    BlackBerry 8800

    Some people have asked if there's a way to synchronize a BlackBerry to GroupWise. IT does offer limited support for the BlackBerry with the subscription of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Departments can purchase licenses for their faculty and staff for $99 per device plus an annual subscription of $40 per device. Find out the details of this service as well as how to sign up at the IT webpage.

    For those of you with other mobile devices that need to be synchronized to your GroupWise account, Novell has a GroupWise Mobile Server.

  •  Get One-on-One Help in our Workshops

    Technology Training frequently offers software-specific workshops throughout the quarter. We announce these in our weekly schedule reminder, and on our class schedule. These are drop-in hours where you can get help on a specific software product, such as Excel and PowerPoint.

    This upcoming week, we're offering a Photoshop Workshop—perfect for those of you trying to make family photos ready for holiday cards. And while you're at it, why not sign up for our Basic Photo Touchup class?

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