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Software Tips & Tricks

Technology Training offers drop-in Open Lab hours and formal hands-on classes, but sometimes all you need is a quick tip. Software Tips & Tricks is a collection of some of the best hints we've discovered to make your computing more productive.

  •  File Sharing, the DMCA, and finding legal, free music

    Logos of free online music distributors and radio stations.
    Welcome to our new and returning students! As everyone settles in and the new school year begins, we'd like to offer a reminder about file sharing on campus and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Notices of alleged DMCA violations dramatically increased during the past academic year and the university wants to educate the campus community about the consequences of file sharing and how to prevent violations. We also want to let everyone know of the many ways to get legal and, yes, free music online.
  •  Training for PC Backup, Windows 7, Office 2010, and GroupWise 8

    Our fall quarter class schedule is now posted. We have many classes that are especially helpful for those of you getting new computers. Sign up for any of our sessions on backing up your PC, GroupWise 8, Windows 7, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Word 2010
  •  Does your website actually serve your visitors' needs?

    A humorous web comic recently stirred much debate about the purpose (and usefulness) of university websites. Learn what various studies and personal anecdotes reveal about users' needs and expectations, and avoid creating a similarly "infamous" campus website in two Inside Higher Ed articles.
    Source: xkcd
  •  Importing Excel addresses into GroupWise

    'Importing' may not be the most accurate term for this tip, but it does allow you to copy a list of addresses from Excel into GroupWise and save them to your address book.
  •  GroupWise 8 Upgrade

    GroupWise 8 is now available for download on the IT website and will be installed on all the new machines in this year's PC Replacement. This new release offers many new and long-awaited changes for Mac and Windows users. Sign up for a GroupWise 8 - New Features demo to learn more about what this release has to offer.
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