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Get your questions answered at Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a fast-growing network of 44 question and answer sites on diverse topics from software programming to cooking to photography and gaming. We are an expert knowledge exchange: a place where physics researchers can ask each other about quantum entanglement, computer programmers can ask about JavaScript date formats, and photographers can share knowledge about taking great pictures in the snow.

After someone asks a question, members of the community propose answers. Others vote on those answers. Very quickly, the answers with the most votes rise to the top. You don’t have to read through a lot of discussion to find the best answer.

Like topics on Wikipedia, questions and answers on Stack Exchange can be edited. If someone writes the beginning of a great answer, someone else can embellish it and make it even better.

The site is free and open to everyone. You don’t have to register, but if you do, you collect reputation points when people vote up your answers, which will appear next to your name.

Network Stats

  • 44 Q&A sites
  • 774,647 users
  • 1.6 million questions
  • 3.9 million answers
  • 1.8 million visits per day

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