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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard tips and tricks


Whether it's tied to removing the price barrier between Mac and Windows machines or not, it seems that this year's PC Replacement increased the number of Mac users on campus. The following sites have great information for new Mac users, but even veteran users will find some of the information helpful.

TechRadar offers 98 Snow Leopard tips, tricks, and tweaks in a very easy to use article with tips such as setting your own keyboard shortcuts how to find a lost password, annotate PDFs in Preview, and launching into Safe Boot Mode. Some of these tips have been around in previous versions of Mac OS X, but it'll be a nice refresher for experienced users.

The good people at Macworld created a 6:27 video on Six Snow Leopard tips. Be sure to check out the Mac OS X section that covers regular Mac OS X fixes and updates, news, tips, and discussions.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has A pawful of quick Snow Leopard Tips that might be especially helpful for new users; check out the comments for additional hints.

Last, but not least, is Apple's discussion board for Mac OS X 10.6. This is a great resource for troubleshooting issues because chances are, someone else has had the same problems.

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