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More Green Computing: Print Double-Sided

One simple way to reduce the amount of paper you use is to print double-sided. Personal printers that are directly attached to your machine probably can't do this, but the networked printers, such as the Dells in the Learning Commons, and the Rabbit copiers/printers throughout campus, have the ability to print double sided.

Currently, only Windows machines can print duplex to the Dell printers. Student Technical Services has created PDF instructions and video tutorials on how to print double-sided (faculty and staff can use them, too). Faculty and staff with access to the Rabbit copiers can print duplex with a Mac or PC.

Faculty and staff:

If you need help setting up duplex printing as the default for the Rabbit copiers/printers, contact Bertha Gonzalez at (408) 554-4037. If your machine isn't yet set up to print to the Rabbit copiers, contact Steve King, Rabbit Connectivity Support Desk at (408) 331-2690 with the copier number ready.


Make sure you install the necessary software from the IT website first before you try to print to printers in the Library or Residence Halls.


Thanks to Peter Ross from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for suggesting this Tip of the Week.

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