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Customize your Default Word Document with the Normal Template

The Normal template includes default styles, AutoText, macros, toolbars, and other customizations that determine the basic look of your document. By opening and modifying the template, you can customize how your default Word document will appear.

  1. In Word, go to File > Open, and then navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates. If no templates are listed, click the arrow next to the Files of type box, and then click Document Templates.
  2. Select and open Make sure that appears in the Word title bar.
  3. Make any changes you want, using the menus and dialog boxes just as you would to change default settings for a document, but remember that any changes you make to will be applied to documents that you create in the future.
  4. When you finish, go to File > Save.

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