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You can also visit our RSS feed here or click on the RSS icon at the top of the Tips & Tricks blog. Depending on your browser, you'll find a button or link that tells you to subscribe. Some browsers, such as Firefox, have built-in RSS readers that aggregate feeds into a "live bookmark" with the most current feeds.

A site with RSS capability will have the RSS icon on the status bar, or if you are using version 1.5 or newer, in the address bar, or elsewhere on the page. To subscribe, click the orange icon. If there is more then one RSS feed on the page, Firefox shows a list that you can pick from and different options for subscribing (Live Bookmarks, Google, etc.). Click OK or Subscribe Now.

Internet Explorer
If the RSS Feed button in Internet Explorer lights up, it means that the site you're visiting offers RSS feeds. Click the icon to see the feed and subscribe to it. When you click the subscribe button, the feed is automatically added to your Favorites Center and to the Common Feed List for sharing with other programs.

Start by creating a folder for your RSS feeds. Go to Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder on the menu and name the folder something like "Subscriptions", or "RSS". When you visit a site, click the blue RSS icon in the address bar to go to the feed for the site. Click the link on the bottom right that says Add Bookmark... then choose the newly created folder as the destination. The next step is to tell Safari that you have RSS feeds and that you'd like to have the browser automatically keep them current. On the menu, go to Safari > Preferences… and then click the "RSS" tab. Choose where to show feed articles, how often to update and delete articles, and whether you want to color-code them.

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