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Most computers on campus have Microsoft Office 2003 but can read files from the newer Office suite. Until the University transitions to Office 2007, Technology Training will continue to hold classes and Open Lab sessions for Office 2003 and 2004 (Mac).

However, if you have the new Office on your computer you can get help at Microsoft Office Online for Mac and Windows. In any Office product, click the Help icon on the ribbon to get there, or find links to specific applications on our Resources page. Once there, you'll find tutorials, downloads, and online forums to get your questions answered. The Windows site has resources for both Office 2003 and 2007, while the Mac site supports only 2008.

Windows users will find step-by-step guides, demos, webcasts, podcasts, clip art, templates, and other types of training material. The Mac site is more limited, but Mac users will still benefit from the Help and How-To section, the forums, and the blog.

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Bev said on Nov 30, 2009
Help! Computer has Office 2000 and 512 of ram with powerpoint pictue viewer but can't open PowerPoint e-mails --the message is 'powerpoint cannot find the file'. If I deleted these two and installed Office Student 2007 with PowerPoint would it correct the problem???
Technology Training said on Dec 18, 2009
Hi Bev, Sorry for the delay, I didn't see your comment earlier. If I'm understanding you correctly, you are having trouble opening PowerPoint attachments that others send to you through email. I would try to first save the attachment onto your machine and open it using either Office 2000 or PowerPoint Viewer. It is possible that you need a newer version of the Viewer. Please contact us if you have more questions:
Bev said on Apr 15, 2010
Thank you for your reply. My sister is 84 yrs. and isn't saavy enough to save powerpoint e-mails and open them. Is there a more recent version of Powerpoint Viewer that will work with Office 2000? If so, where??? How can I assure that she can open powerpoint e-mails easily, by clicking them on her e-mail screen . Do we need to buy Powerpoint or Office 7 to accomplish this? How do we solve this problem???----------Thank You----------Bev
Technology Training said on Apr 15, 2010
Hi Bev, Try installing PowerPoint Viewer 2003 from Microsoft's website:
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