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Graphic Editing/ Design

Digital Signage Workshop

Santa Clara University has several dozen monitors around campus for promoting upcoming events to making targeted announcements to specific members of our community. Migrating from traditional print advertisements to digital displays brings with it many challenges both technical and design. This workshop will cover basic steps to creating a display ad using PowerPoint, Photoshop, InDesign, and/or Illustrator. Learn best practices for creating builds, proper fonts, what to edit out, and how to size your final display. This workshop is recommended for any faculty, student, or staff member that is tasked to create digital monitor ads.

  • Learn key steps to startiing your project
  • Learn to edit out redundant or irrelevant information
  • Get tips for proper ADA compliance notices for public events
  • Explore the concept of substance over decoration
  • Get rid of bad fonts and colors
  • Get a step-by-step tour of the entire processes from inception to final exhibition
  • Learn about builds versus static pages

Attendees are encouraged to bring samples of monitor ads they are currently working on or have been previously created for their department/organization.

Intended audience:

Faculty, Staff, Students

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