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Excel 2010 Essentials Training

Do you need to get up and running with Excel fast? Do you have a project in mind or just need to understand how to create and format a spreadsheet? Then this hands-on Excel essentials class is just for you!

  • Understand the Excel Workbook
    Using the Menu Bar, the Excel Tool Bar, the Formatting Tool Bar, the Formula Bar, Cell Addresses, Entering text and numbers into Cells
  • Creating an Excel Worksheet
    Enter Data, Format Cells, Use the Auto Fill Function, Center a Title, Insert and Delete Lines/Columns, use Excel shortcuts
  • Working with Formulas
    Use the AutoSum Function, Copy Formulas, Use the Past Function, Working with relative vs absolute cell addresses
  • Format your Worksheet
    Add Borders and Shading, Add Headers and Footers, Format Numbers-Merge Cells, Rotate, Wrapping and Shrinking Text in a cell, Use Format Font, Borders and Pattern, Name your Worksheets
  • Create a Chart
    Use Chart Wizard to create a graph, Customize your graph
  • Use Page Setup

Familiarity with Windows is strongly recommended. Skills that will be used include cutting, pasting, inserting, resizing objects, etc.

Intended audience:

Faculty, Staff, Students

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