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About Us

Technology Training is dedicated to delivering software training and support to Santa Clara students, faculty, and staff. We offer several learning formats including classes, open lab hours, consultations, and web help that are tailored to help users learn software used in teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Meet the Trainers

Teri Escobar - Technology Training Specialist

Teri Escobar-Ochoa

Teri Escobar-Ochoa is the Head of Technology Training. Teri has completed her 10th year as a Technology Training Specialist and her 15th year serving the Santa Clara University community. Teri’s unique combination of higher education and industry careers give her a keen sense of what the community needs from technology training. Teri’s extensive teaching/training background and firm commitment to life long learning motivates her to help raise the technical expertise of every individual on campus. Teri teaches GroupWise, all of the Microsoft Office products, CommonSpot, etc. Teri also enjoys working with the undergraduate student population as an adjunct faculty member in the OMIS department.


Marc Ramos

Marc Ramos

Marc Ramos is our Technology Training Specialist and one of our newest members of the Santa Clara University Library family. Recently joining us, he comes with over a decade of experience in technology training support from U. C. Santa Cruz. He earned his BA in Film & Digital Media at U. C. Santa Cruz and has been certified in Avid ProTools. He comes to us with expert knowledge of the Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, and many productivity tools for both mobile devices and the MAC platform. Yes, he’s our MAC guy if you happen to paint yourself into a corner. Samples of Marc’s personal works and CV can be seen at


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