Santa Clara University

Printing at SCU 

All public printing at SCU is managed by the SmartPrint system limiting the amount of wasted paper.  All students are issued printing money at the start of the year. The cost of printing is $0.08/page for black and white sheets and $0.15/page for color sheets. All students get a $48 yearly stipend, a $16.00 (200 page) stipend quarterly (law students get 300 pages/semester). Continue reading for information on using the SmartPrint system.

Printing in the Residence Halls

Each residence hall is equipped with a print release station that residents may use. Students are able to print directly to these  release stations from their own dorm room eliminating the need for each student to have their own personal printer in their dorm room.

Printing on Campus

The Library and Learning Commons offers more than 15 different printers for students to print including 4 color printers and 4 copy machines. Students are able to print directly to all of these printers by installing the necessary software from the main IT website:


Double - Sided Printing:

Please follow these instructions for double - sided printing:


  Print PDF Instructions
Video Tutorial
PC  Black & White Printer Black & White Printer
   Color Printer Color Printer
Older Mac
Black & White
  Color Printer

Mac OS X (Update)


Black & White Printer

Color Printer

Duplex Printing Brochure

Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network

Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network with a Smartphone

Enrolling Your Game Console on the Campus Wireless Network