Santa Clara University

Purchasing A Personal Computer

While any major brand of computer will work on our network, we do have a few recommendations to keep in mind.


Santa Clara University recommends Apple, Dell and HP computers for students, faculty and staff personal purchases.  To learn more about our discount programs log into eCampus and under the My Page tab at the top of the page, select the your desired vendor. These links will take you to the vendors site and will automatically apply discounts and perks such as the free extended warranty with Dell.







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While just about any new computer purchased today has more than enough capability for the average college student, we do recommend looking for the following features:

  • Multi Core Processor
  • DVD-RW drive for backing up data
  • At least 4 to 8 GB memory and a 500 GB hard drive or larger
  • Front-mounted USB ports for plugging in a USB storage device (desktops)
  • Extended warranty that covers accidental damage (all Dell systems purchased through eCampus have this)
  • Set of secure system recovery CD/DVD's
  • In addition it is good to get a USB or Thunder Bolt networking adapter (laptops that are "wireless only")