Santa Clara University

Registering on Network Access Control

All students living in the Residence Halls or using the network must register their personal computing devices by installing the SafeConnect policy key to connect to the campus network.  This allows us to better manage network resources and track down problems on the campus network.  It also allows us to track students that are abusing the network resources and causing problems for other users.  To register your PC, plug it into a network jack or connect to BroncoWiFi in your residence hall room (orange or blue, depending on the hall) and direct your web browser to

Insert Ethernet Cable into Wall Jack A Here is an example of your dorms' ethernet jacks.




 To connect a device other than a computer (such as a game console) to our wireless network, simply follow the instructions on this page. You will need your network log in information as well as the MAC address of your device.

To register a device that does not have wireless internet access, bring your access card and a picture of the device's MAC address to the IT Help Desk located on the first floor of the Learning Commons.