Santa Clara University

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we frequently get about who we are and what we do:

How do I connect to the  wireless network ?

  • First you need a Novell login ( last name and first intial ). Next you need select SCUWireless for you wireless connection. Then, install Clean Access Agent. After NAC completes its checks, you may be required to update your software and apply appropriate patches and fix prior to gaining access.  A window will appear requiring you to enter your login-- this is Clean Access Agent.  Next you will need to open a browser or refresh you current page. Lastly, you login one more time and you are granted complete access.  

Can you fix my computer? How much does it cost?

  • Maybe, it depends on what is wrong with it.  We only fix software problems related to your ability to connect to the campus network and perform academic work.  And it's free!

Who are student workers?

  •  They are students who work for Information Technology that help other students with computer problems.

What is NAC and why do I need to register my computer on it?

  • NAC is the name of the network management system we have in the Residence Halls and the Wireless Campus Network.  It allows us to quickly identify problems with the network and manage network resources.  It also helps us to notify users when their computers may have a virus or other problem that could affect other users on our network.

What is a DMCA violation, and why does it take so long to get my computer re-connected to the network after I get one?

  • A Digital Millenium Copyright Act violation means that a copyright holder, or an agency acting on behalf of a copyright holder, has detected that you have downloaded or accessed copyrighted material for which you have no license.  Because of this, you may have to speak to the Dean of Students or a representative from Information Technology and explain how you came into possession of the infringing material.  There may be disciplinary action taken depending on the circumstances.  This process takes time, usually a week or more, and we cannot restore access until we get clearance from the Office of Student Life.

Does the library have any fax machines?

  • No, there are no fax machines located in the library. However, there is a fax machine for student use located in Benson on the first floor.

Does the University provide an Anti-virus software for free?

  • Yes! The University provides a free Anti-virus at this location

Can I connect my video game console to the internet?

  • Yes, come to the IT Student Helpdesk in the library and bring your game console MAC address and your student ID. We will work to get your game system admitted into our system. (Note: Game systems will not be evaluated during the first 3 weeks of the school year due to the high volume of student laptops needing assistance accessing the internet).
  • On your computer select https://dashboard:8443/enroll

Wow, working for Student Services would be great!  How do I apply?

  • Stop by the Help Desk and ask how. That's when we do most of our hiring!  More information will be posted when we have open positions.  Also, check for flyers from Information Technology in your halls for open Student Worker  positions.