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There are many ways to get involved in sustainability. From learning more about sustainable living, to developing policies, to helping the University reduce our carbon footprint, each of us has an important part to play. See below for suggestions on how you can contribute to a more sustainable SCU.


Become a Liaison

Liaisons are peer educators for sustainability and experts on how sustainability interplays with their respective groups.

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Save Energy 

Tips on how to reduce the amount of energy we use in our daily lives whether at home, work, or school.


Reduce Waste

Tips to reduce, reuse, recycle in order to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills.


Eat Sustainably

What is sustainable food? Learn about what things to consider when choosing your food.

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Vote With Your Dollar

Consumers vote everyday. Learn how to voice your support for sustainable businesses.

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Be proactive and take action by volunteering on campus and in the local community.


Take Action: Bronco Athletes

Take Action: Bronco Athletes

In the Malley Fitness & Recreation Center, users will find an infographic series titled “The Sustainability Bronco Athlete.” These signs aim to inform all athletes on ways they can incorporate sustainability into their athletic lifestyle. Below are examples of some of the signs that frequent Malley often.

Whether one is an athlete, fitness lover, or occasion gym goer, an individual or group's carbon footprint can be reduced by walking and biking whenever possible. And if the destination is farther than anticipated, there's always the option of public transportation or carpooling.


Any kind of sport or outdoor activity requires hydration. Reuse a water bottle and fill up at the many water bottle filling stations across campus. Additionally, harnessing the natural energy from the sun to air dry clothes is another unconventional idea of reuse.

After a long day of practice or a tough work-out, athletes need to ice their muscles. Once the ice has been poured onto a nearby plant or used for some other similar purpose, these ice bags can and should be recycled.

Last, but not least, respect your body and fuel it with wholesome food. To help maintain a consistent intake of veggies this summer, subscribe to a Community-Supported Agriculture produce box this summer. Weekly boxes (full box for $25, feeds 4, or half box for $15, feeds 2) are delivered to campus from a local, organic farm. To learn more, visit the CSA Produce Subscription page.

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