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What's in our water: bottled, tap, and reclaimed

Posted on Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012
Bottled water is advertised as the cleaner and healthier choice for drinking water, but the truth is that bottled water is usually the same quality as the water coming out of your tap. Unlike tap water, however, bottled water poses health risks and is also extremely wasteful. Read more about Santa Clara University's efforts to promote reusable drinking water and to implement recycled water on campus. Read More »

Measuring snowmelt, water quality; advocate of water-wise decisions

Posted on Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012
Iris Stewart-Frey is an Assistant Professor and water specialist at SCU's Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences. She attributes her love of water to her German roots and is currently researching the impacts of climate change on water flow and quality in California. Read more about her unique upbringing, her teaching and research interests, and her advice for conserving water. Read More »

News and Events

Posted on Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012
New electric vehicle charging stations at SCU | Laughlin Barker and Tim Carlson win Lucky Hinkle Award | SCU students compete in Max Tech and Beyond | Santa Clara County restricts polystyrene | Campus donation drive for office supplies Read More »

Did you Know?

Posted on Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012
In California, water demand is highest in the south of the state while the water supply is primarily in the north. Meeting California's water demands is a very energy-intensive endeavor. Read More »
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What Can I Do?

Posted on Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012
Tips to reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect, related to water. REDUCE: simple ways to reduce water use | REUSE: flavor your filtered water | RECYCLE: household hazardous waste | RESPECT: learn about your watershed Read More »


Posted on Sunday, Jul. 1, 2012
Future Sustainability Updates will continue to be distributed to SCU students, faculty, and staff through non-Essential SCU Global E-Mail Distribution Lists. If you are not a student, faculty, or staff member at SCU (or are part of the SCU community, but not on the non-Essential lists) and wish to receive future Sustainability Updates, please join our Sustainability at SCU e-mail list. Read More »