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 What Can I Do?

Posted on Friday, May. 6, 2011

Help Silicon Valley reduce CO2 emissions, water use, habitat destruction, and more by patronizing businesses that are supporters of Sustainable Silicon Valley. This organization is comprised of stakeholders, including Santa Clara University, that are committed to reducing their environmental impact to help make the Silicon Valley a leader in sustainability.

Did you know that the average U.S. office worker uses an estimated 100-200 pounds of paper per year? You can lower this number by reusing drafts and old memos as scrap paper. If you're printing or writing a message that's informal or internal, do so on the back of a piece of paper that's already been written or typed on.

Take a different job? Get promoted? What to do with all those leftover business cards? Fortunately, there are many ways to recycle them. For ideas, see this Recycling FAQ.

Show your respect for the environment and society by committing to being sustainable in your career with the Graduation Pledge. This nation-wide organization encourages graduating seniors to consider the impacts of any job they take after graduation, and to improve these aspects of any organization for which they work or volunteer. Sign the Graduation Pledge now!


Compiled by Hannah Slocum, '11. Sustainability Intern.

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