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Friday, Jul. 23, 2010

More Sustainable Workouts
Between the power used to run cardio machines, keep the indoor climate cool, power televisions and radio, and water used for the showers and washing machines, not to mention that fitness buffs often drive to workout, gyms have a pretty heavy carbon footprint.

Reduce your carbon emissions by exercising outside. enables you to check the distance of your runs or bike rides, as well as find new courses to try. Look for running, walking, or hiking clubs in your area: check out Road Runners Club of America,, and American Volkssport Association to get started. Many SCU athletes enjoy the 1.73 or 2.25 mile jog around the campus. To make the loop 2.25 miles, continue on El Camino Real until it meets Lafayette St. Follow Lafayette until it connects back to the original loop.

Make sure that you're equipped with workout gear that you can reuse every time you exercise. While it's essential to stay hydrated, ban plastic water bottles from your workout, and instead buy a stainless steel bottle. Bring along a cloth towel instead of using paper towels.

Did you know it's possible to recycle running shoes when they are ready to be replaced? Nike's Resue-A-Shoe program grinds up soles of old shoes and makes them into track surfaces.

Respect the environment and others who wish to enjoy it after you by following the "carry-in, carry-out" rule when you go hiking, kayaking, or do any kind of exercise in a public park or outdoor space. Do not leave any trash there, and don't take anything out of the space.

By Hannah Slocum, '11, Sustainability Intern.

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