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Monday, Nov. 9, 2009

Walk on the Earth, Live with the Sky

Faculty, staff, and community members danced in Mission Gardens on October 24, joining forces in celebration. The event was an international day of climate action to bring awareness to the number 350 -- the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is 350 Parts Per Million. For more information about the Day of Climate Action, visit

"Many people helped plan the event: Butch Coyne, CPA Director designed a flyer, Nancy Wait Kromm, Music Chair, assisted with music and rang the bells, Barbara Murry, Theatre and Dance Chair helped with painting materials and Leslie Gray, ESI helped with a short teach-in. John Farnsworth, ESI and David Popalisky, Theatre and Dance planned the event.

David Popalisky was pleased to have over 60 people of all ages fill the gardens for a simple dance of walks, runs and arms waves that built a sense of cooperation and community. "The final uplifted gesture to the concluding ten tolls of the bells felt spiritual and hopeful," said Popalisky.

Participants included students from the GREEN club, sororities, and three generations of an off-campus family. Students from De Anza College and San Jose State joined in the festivities too.

"For me, it felt more like a liturgy in support of a cause than a demonstration," said Farnsworth. "The fact that it also helped educate our community about the importance of reducing carbon emissions was a secondary bonus; the main thing was to dance the dance."

View a slideshow of photos taken by Rochelle Stowe, SCU '10

Campus Sustainability Day Recap

SCU celebrated our 4th annual campus sustainability day with a fair on the Alameda Mall on October 21. Tables for campus and community organizations filled the grassy areas between Benson Center and the Learning Commons.

"It's so cool so see how this event (and support for sustainability in general) has grown over the years," said Meghan Mooney, SCU '09. Meghan participated in the sustainability fair as a student working on the 2007 Solar Decathlon, and was back this year as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Our City Forest.

The San Jose Diocese handed out reusable shopping bags labeled "The Catholic Green Initiative"; Barefoot Coffee Roasters gave out samples of coffee; the Fair Trade Coalition let people take pictures as the "Fair Trade Guy", the Retail Studies Student Association showed off their map of sustainable businesses near SCU, and the Office of Sustainability handed out Mud Cups while the GREEN Club educated people about composting on campus. Passerby were also able to read about the sustaianble design features of the new Student Activities Center and learn about SCU's many programs and organizations that support sustainability.

View a slideshow of photos taken by Chris Woodhouse, SCU '10

Environmental Ethics Fellow Selected

Liza Dadiomov, SCU '10, has been selected as the Environmental Ethics Fellow for 2009-10 at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Ms. Dadiomov is a Psychology and Environmental Studies Major and an Urban Education minor. She is also vice president of the GREEN Club and an Environmental Education Intern at the Ulistac Natural Area in the South Bay. For her fellowship project, she will be conducting a survey of the culture of sustainability among SCU students, staff, and faculty. She is from Redmond, Washington.

Sustainable Data Center Award

SCU recently received a PilotHouse Innovator Award for Sustainable Data Centers. Ron Danielson, Vice Provost for Information Services accepted the award on SCU's behalf.

Nemertes Research conducted analyses of 200 Information Technology (IT) organizations to identify those that effectively leverage technology in pursuit of business benefits. There were four innovator award categories: overall IT, sustainable data center, unified communications, and WAN/ACS/Branch.

Santa Clara University was one of six winners in the Sustainable Data Center Innovation category, primarily due to the breadth of our efforts to implement sustainable practices in IT operations, on the extent of cooperation with other sustainability activities on campus, and the University's stance on sustainability.

Learn more about the 2009 PilotHouse Innovator Awards here.

Art About Water

Sustainable Silicon Valley's Water Summit is weaving in art that explores the role of water; water policy and management; and, innovative solutions for water conservation, reuse and efficiency. Professional and amateur artists are invited to create works that help the viewer see water in a new light. Where does water come from? Is water treasured or taken for granted and misused? Who else uses water before and after humans do? How is water valued in other cultures?

Media: all forms welcome - paintings, drawings, collage, sculpture, poetry, dance, video, etc.

To Submit Art: Send artist information and an .jpg, .eps or other vector based format to

Due Date: November 13

Questions: contact

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