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Friday, Jan. 11, 2013

New Year’s resolutions

While world leaders work to hammer out global solutions to climate change, there are many ways individuals can make sustainability a personal New Year's resolution in 2013. Sustainability requires us to more closely examine our relationship with the environment as well as with others around us. Try some of these sustainable resolutions and reduce your eco-footprint.

  • Reduce unwanted junk mail by using Catalog Choice.
  • Sign up for the reusable EcoTray program at Marketplace or Adobe Lodge to reduce the amount of disposable serviceware entering our waste stream.
  • Instead of throwing unwanted items in the trash, make a conscience effort to recycle as many items as possible with the help of Craigslist or the SCU facebook page “Free and For Sale.”
  • Show respect for yourself by taking the time to slow down and enjoy making at least one homemade meal per week. Frozen and pre-packaged dinner foods are energy intensive becauses it costs more to prepare, package, freeze, store, and transport these items. By making your meals at home, you cut down on these indirect costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Also, check out SCU Sustainability Director Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner's article about sustainable New Year's resolutions that was published in the San Francisco Chronicle on New Year's Day!

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