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 What Can I Do?

Posted on Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2012

Tired of all the packaging, ingredients you can't pronounce, and expensive bills? Try using one of nature's remedies to reduce your footprint and bills. Dry skin? No need to purchase tons of lotions. Try coconut or avocado oil. Have a pimple that won't go away? Peaches are great exfoliants! Check out the Mother Nature Network for more kitchen remedies.

Relax and go to the pool. If you have old beach towels that are faded or you no longer use, don't throw them away! Reuse them by ripping them up and using them as cleaning towels or wash rags. Store them in your laundry room and take them out when you're ready to do your spring cleaning.

Have old sports gear you no longer use? Recycle your products in Leavey and Malley by dropping them off in donation bins that will go towards various local community organizations.

Bored at work? Respect yourself and your workplace by keeping yourself busy. A workplace study found that those who have light workloads on any given day are more likely to call in sick than those who have normal workloads.

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