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Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011

New work days at the Forge Garden!
Mondays and Thursdays: anytime between 2-5pm
The Forge is located on the corner of Sherman and Benton St (a block behind Lucas Hall) Harvest food, meet wonderful people, and escape from the crazy work week in nature! Join the Facebook group "The Forge Garden" for news and updates.

Sustainable Business Studies Club's Charity "Anything But Clothes" Fashion Show
Nov. 1, 7 - 9 pm | Locatelli Center
Come wearing your craziest costume made out of the needed materials, found on this list, and win a Kindle if your costume is the best! Interested in being in the show? Please contact To support Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT), the club hopes to raise awareness about the organization and collect materials.

Too Much for Fish: Is Climate Change Likely to Change Water Quality in Streams?
Nov. 4, 1 - 2 pm | Commons at Kennedy Mall
Iris Stewart-Frey, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Santa Clara University

Eating the Front Yard: Creating Community and Civic Engagement in the San Francisco Bay Area
Nov. 11, 1 - 2 pm | Commons at Kennedy Mall
Tendai Chitewere, Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, San Francisco State University

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