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A monthly update from the Center for Sustainability for the Santa Clara University community.

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  •  Move-Out and Swap 'Til You Drop for Hope Services!

    Thursday, Jun. 4, 2015
    Through the annual Swap For Good and Move-Out, Santa Clara University has partnered with Hope Services to foster a more compassionate community through waste reduction both on and off campus.
  •  Glen Bradley: A Spectrum of Sustainability

    Thursday, Jun. 4, 2015
    Glen Bradley ‘16 aims to “inspire self-love” among his peers, creating the inclusive and welcoming community that is essential to a sustainable society.
  •  Take Action: Environmental Justice

    Thursday, Jun. 4, 2015
    Tips to take action in regards to promoting environmental justice: REDUCE your energy usage | RECYCLE your electronic waste | RESPECT inclusive campus programs like BLEJIT | REUSE this rhetoric for mindful, socially just and sustainable change.
    Environmental Justice image. Photo courtesy of wikimedia.
  •  Fresh from the Forge: Remediate Food Deserts

    Thursday, Jun. 4, 2015
    Break out of the confines of processed foods and into the world of fresh, economical alternatives!
    Farm Stand Veggies
  •  Being Healthy - Easy as P-H-E

    Friday, May. 1, 2015
    The Peer Health Educators, a student program of our campus' Wellness Center, are a vital resource at SCU, and contribute to creating a culture of sustainability through their promotion of health & well-being.
  •  Ethan Hayden: EMT & Outdoor Extraordinaire

    Friday, May. 1, 2015
    Ethan Hayden, class of ‘17, pursues a degree in Environmental Science while balancing a life as an EMT to achieve his dreams of fostering a healthy community wherever he may be.
  •  Did You Know?

    Friday, May. 1, 2015
    The Educated Partier program aims to foster a healthy and sustainable environment for students off-campus in cooperation with the Office of Student Life, the Associated Student Government, and the Santa Clara Police Department.
  •  Take Action: De-stressing

    Friday, May. 1, 2015
    Tips on how to de-stress on campus in an unlikely place. REDUCE your anxiety.REUSE your social media time for mediation time. RECYCLE your stressful breaths into mindful ones. RESPECT yourself, your body, and your mind.
  •  Fresh from the Forge: The Truth about Dirt

    Friday, May. 1, 2015
    There's more to the widely-known fact that being outside is good for you; the secrets lie in the dirt! Forge for happiness in your own backyard or at a local garden!
  •  Campus Heritage: 19th Century "Safe" Cures

    Friday, May. 1, 2015
    Today, we may take for granted the medical advances and practices that keep us healthy. Medicine bottles from the past were uncovered on the land beneath Lucas Hall and offer a glimpse of the maintenance and treatment of human health and wellness.
    Warner's Safe Kidney & Liver Cure Label. Photo courtesy of Cultural Resources, Santa Clara University.
  •  Lights! Camera! Pila!

    Thursday, Mar. 5, 2015
    SCU’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Liberal Studies department recently completed their hygiene education video starring the pila (pee-la), a compartmentalized sink that can improve water sanitation practices in rural communities. The pila, built at the Forge Garden as a film prop, is the highlight of the Education Curriculum Project for the community of El Pital, Honduras.
    Building the Pila. Photo courtesy of Engineers Without Borders (EWB).
  •  A BUG's Life: Social Justice in San Jose Communities

    Monday, Dec. 1, 2014
    Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) and the Thriving Neighbors Initiative empower communities and promote environmental justice and education among at-risk youth.
    BUG classroom, reading
  •  Jesse Bernal: Turning the Tables on Inequality

    Monday, Dec. 1, 2014
    Jesse Bernal at his bookshelf
    Jesse Bernal shares about the new Office of Diversity and Inclusion and illustrates how diversity and inclusion are related to sustainability.
  •  Did You Know?

    Monday, Dec. 1, 2014
    GSBI Fellows
    The Center for Science, Technology, and Society has sponsored over 200 social entrepreneurs from around the world and sends about 15 Santa Clara University undergraduates to research with these entrepreneurs each year.
  •  Take Action: Like a Good Neighbor

    Monday, Dec. 1, 2014
    Tips to take action in regards to building community | REDUCE time indoors | REUSE: materials for a garden | RECYCLE: mail | RESPECT the neighborhood
    Girls Cross Country's Herb Garden,
  •  Mission Sustainable Challenge: A Busy Person's Retreat

    Friday, Oct. 3, 2014
    Has the world given much thought to how we will be powering, funding, or nourishing the future? Even as busy individuals, we can spare a daily moment of reflection and action to create a more sustainable future.
    Erin and Geoff accepting the Mission Sustainable Challenge
  •  Did You Know?

    Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014
    Into the Wild-Locally. Photo courtesy of Into the Wild.
    Into the Wild, SCU's latest Charted Student Organization, takes students on local, off-campus adventures, to learn more about our local community and how to live sustainably.


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