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Human Resources is committed to a more sustainable SCU

Monday, May. 1, 2006

Staff members in Human Resources have been making great strides to reduce their use of energy, conserve resources, and educate others about sustainability. Staff members recently worked together to develop a Human Resources Sustainability Plan to contribute to SCU’s transformation to a more sustainable institution. Here is a small sample of action items HR staff members have agreed to do:

  • Introduce sustainability in New Employee Orientations
    New employees will be given a reusable water bottle and information about easy things they can do to contribute to a more sustainable SCU.
  • Turn off lights, computers, and printers when not needed
    Staff members now make sure to turn off power sources when they do not need them and when they are out of the office.
  • Explore ways to increase SCU community's use of public transportation
    A free Monthly Flash Pass valid on VTA Bus and Light Rail Service is now given to new SCU employees through VTA's Welcome Aboard Pass program. Hopefully, new employees will establish a habit of using public transportation to get to work and take advantage of HR's reduced rate passes after their first month at SCU.
  • Promote direct deposit as a sustainable practice
    HR dramatically decreased costs and paper usage by switching to online e-advices on ecampus for direct deposit pay checks. As more SCU employees switch to direct deposit, more paper, printing costs and labor will be saved.

For more information about Human Resources, visit their website:

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