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Fresh from the Forge Garden

Wednesday, Mar. 5, 2014

Santa Clara has had a few good rains lately, but not nearly enough to get us out of the drought. Here are some water-wise gardening tips that you can try at home to use water more efficiently:

Harvest Rainwater
Take advantage of what falls from the sky! This is the #1 way to irrigate a garden! While these systems don’t act as the main source of water for your garden, rainwater collectors promote conservation and provide an alternative water source during times of drought.

Go Native
Make sure to throw some native species into the garden mix! Native plants are emerging as the hero in the worldwide struggle to conserve water. These plants are adapted to deal with the natural conditions of the environment, thus native Californian plants are very hardy and drought-tolerant. Many municipalities are offering rebates and incentive programs for removing lawns and planting natives or drought-tolerant plants.

Applying a generous layer of mulch (organic material such as leaves, straw, wood chips, compost, etc.) around the base of your plants can create the perfect growing environment by locking in moisture, reducing evaporation, and preventing water-thirsty weeds from stealing valuable nutrients and growing space. Most mulches are sourced locally and low-cost, or free!

Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation systems are ideal for most landscape designs. The emitters are pre-installed onto flexible tubes, and allow water to be released directly into the soil around your plants, minimizing water wasted through evaporation. Drip irrigation systems are relatively easy to install and maintain. In addition to saving water, your plants are healthier, happier, and more deeply rooted as a result.

Want to see these water-wise tips in real life? The Forge Garden is hosting two Water-wise Gardening Workshops. Please register here!

  • Saturday, March 8th 10-noon
  • Saturday, March 29th, 1-3pm



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