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 Entertaining on a budget: How to get the party started

Summer is a season of hosting and attending parties and events. With so much going on, saving some money and creating innovative and interesting games, food, and decorations can also be quick, easy, and sustainable. Here are some quick ideas to get you started:


Wine Tasting
Want to save a trip to Napa but still want to try a some different wines with friends? Invite friends over and ask them to each bring a bottle of a different wine variety. Test each other to see who can tell the wine varieties apart by covering the labels or the bottles themselves!
Source: Real Simple Magazine

Clothing Swap
Popular across the country, clothing swaps are hosted at homes (and even on college campuses - see SCU's Swap for Good) as an inexpensive way to get some ‘new-to-you’ clothes and accessories in your closet by swapping, or trading, clothes and accessories with friends to clear the clutter and save some money and the environment! To host a clothing swap, invite friends of all shapes and sizes who are looking to clean their closets, encourage them to start rummaging about a month in advance of the swap, and set a minimum and maximum number of items to stay organized. Encourage friends to only bring things in good condition: no stains, holes, or underwear, and clothing should also be washed and ironed before they arrive.

Donate any leftover clothing and accessories to a local charity such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill, or host a Swap for Good, and help raise money for a domestic violence shelter in your community.

You and your guests planning to spend a lot of time outside this summer? Bring the games outside with you by creating your own set of fun lawn games, such as cornhole or life-sized jenga.

Food and Decorations
Instead of one person doing all the work, make it a team effort by creating a meal together. For example, delegate ingredients for a pizza potluck party or dishes for multiple courses. Reuse what you already have and shop within your home for decorative pieces. For example, turn a wine glass upside down, put a plate on top, and you’ll have an instant cake stand! Also, if you’ll be hosting many guests and don’t want to use disposables, get some reusable dishware to help minimize waste. The Green Party Kit was created by a mom and her son to prevent excess waste from classroom parties - get your own kit for your next party!

Check out sustainablescu's Pinterest page for more do-it-yourself (DIY) party ideas and recipes for homemade bread and more!

In May, the Office of Sustainability collaborated with the Alumni Association to host “Entertaining on a Budget,” one of 8 weekly “Life after SCU” sessions, to share some of our ideas with graduating seniors. Ever since its start in 2004, Life After SCU sessions are held during the spring quarter covering topics like “Wine Education” to “How to Tap into Your Bronco Network” to “Personal Finance.”

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